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San Francisco

San Francisco

Twice a year I am lucky enough to visit family in San Francisco. My family as a whole loves to travel, but one of the great things about my family is that we would rather go visit weird and strange places than the run-of-the-mill tourist attractions.

While most San Francisco visitors will take on Alcatraz, Pier 39, the Golden Gate Bridge, the SFMOMA museum or just hang out riding cable cars and eating clam chowder in a bread bowl (still one of my favorites to do at the Pier)- my family always needs to add in something unexpected to a visit.

During this visit, we went to The Wave Organ. Located at the Exploratorium on Marina Green Drive right on the Bay, The Wave Organ is literally a sculpture of 25 PVC organ pipes that play notes by the incoming waves. The sound is light, but haunting and you should make sure to leave enough time to sit for at least a half hour to hear how the different waves will create the sounds. The best times to visit are during high tide where the waves interact with the pipes the most.  Check out more about the Wave Organ at the Exploratorium.

Although the Wave Organ was amazing, I’m kind of more excited for my next visit to San Francisco. The next trip will be in July specifically to overlap with the Rat Cafe attraction that will be open only for a couple of days, but offers the experience of eating a meal with live rats at the local eatery The San Francisco Dungeon (locally known as “San Francisco’s Scariest & Funniest Attraction”) Most of you already know that I’m food safety manager certified in the state of Arizona- so you may be questioning why I’d want to eat where there are rodents running free-range around my food. The Rat Cafe only has the rats in the eating area (not the food prep area), and those rats are domesticated, disease free, and come from a local animal rescue. You can even adopt one at the event! I think this is one of the weirdest things I may have ever heard of, and I can’t wait to see if dining with rats is as fun as it looks like in Disney’s Ratatouille movie! Anyone else interested in such a weird meal?


Golden Gate Bridge image provided from Pixabay. The public domain image information can be seen here.

Rat image provided from Pixabay. The public domain image information can be seen here.